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Our Services

Fine Cabinetry Custom Furniture

Fine Cabinetry forms an integral part of built-in furniture that truly enhance the interior ambience of one's home. The design and arrangement of cabinets should be functional as well as aesthetically appealing. From domestic walnut to tropical koa wood, only the finest products are used to give your home the look and ambiance of luxury. Sustainable wood sources, domestic woods and reclaimed wood are all implemented by request in fashioning William Stowe's custom designs.

Custom Furniture that steps far beyond the realm of what could ever be found in a store, William Stowe Fine Woodwork creates high end custom furniture designs that are simply remarkable. If you have spent hundreds and hundreds of hours scouring the web for the right piece of furniture to accentuate your lifestyle and have been unable to find the design you have been imagining, it's time to think about have your own custom design created.

Luxury Closets & Wall Paneling

Mantles & Fireplaces

Luxury Closets - William Stowe Fine Woodwork offers completely customized wardrobe spaces that reach far beyond the traditional definition of "closet." William Stowe incorporates a multitude of the latest features and highly luxurious amenities in order to create closets that fit a lifestyle.

Wall Paneling- Nothing adds warmth and luxury like the look of custom wood wall paneling. William Stowe Fine Woodwork creates perfection in every detail which create an a unique and cozy ambiance out of even the largest of spaces.

Beautiful Mantles & Fireplaces which are exquisite in their detailing. Each decorative wooden mantle is hand-carved with intricate detail. These decorative mantels have an Old World flair that will keep the hearth warm and are detailed with shells, scrolls, and other decor that give your home a stately feel. 

Perfection in design and quality is what places William Stowe Fine Woodwork as a leader in the industry. Allow our Master Craftsmen to give your home those finishing touches which become the centerpiece for entertaining friends and family.

Home Theaters

Wood Fixtures, Mouldings, & Art

Luxurious Home Theaters featured in the finest wood creations give gatherings with friends and family a unique and tailored experience. Working with the most advanced technologists in home automation and custom home theaters, William Stowe Fine Wood Work creates modernity without sacrificing the look and feel of classic luxury. .

Wood Fixtures, Mouldings, Finishings, & Art- If it can be imagined it can be created. From wooden lamps and sculptures to decorative finishing touches and handcrafted centerpieces, William Stowe Fine Wood Work knows no limitations. Make Each piece a masterpiece with the Master Craftsmen at William Stowe. 

Custom Wood Doors

Fine Crafted Bars

Artisanally Crafted Wood Entry Doors are truly works of art that hearken back to a time when everything was created by hand. Each piece a one of kind masterpiece. William Stowe Fine Woodwork adds that one of a kind look to your entry doors that makes a home stand apart from the rest of th neighborhood.

Fine Crafted Custom Bars are a centerpiece for discussion with friends. Creating lasting impressions in every detail, the Master Craftsmen at William Stowe Fine Woodwork yield simple elegance to each design. Whether it is a place to relax at home with friends or a commercial wooden bar, William Stowe creates perfection.